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Instructions to Authors


Microsoft Word or PDF formats may be submitted online to the editors for initial evaluation. If the paper is accepted the final file must be sent using a Words or Latex support. The LATEX macro can be obtained at the Web site of the journal

Author(s) who require the return of any submitted material that is accepted for publication should inform the Editorial Office after acceptance. If no indication is given that author the editors will dispose of all hard copy and electronic material two months after publication.


Manuscripts should be written in clear, concise and grammatically correct English or Spanish (with 10 font size and Times New Roman font style) so that they are intelligible to no-specialists. The entire manuscript, including references, should be typed single spaced on one side of the paper, with margins of 1 inch each side. All pages should be numbered consecutively in the bottom centre. Indent new paragraphs. Turn the hyphenation option off, including only those hyphens that are essential to the meaning. The manuscript should be presented in the following order.


Title : Should contain the title and the name(s) and address(es) of the author(s). The full postal address, Internet e-mail address, of the author who will receive correspondence and check the proofs should be included. The main title should, where possible, contain the major key words used in the body of the manuscript.


Abstract : Manuscripts must include  brief but informative  English and  Spanish Abstract, intelligible without reference to the main text. It should not exceed 200 words and should describe the scope, hypothesis or rationale for the work and the main findings. References to the literature and mathematical symbols / equations should not be included.


Key words (3-5) should be provided below the English Abstract to assist with indexing of the article. These should not duplicate key words from the title.


Footnotes should be kept to a mínimum


Introduction : Should include sufficient background information to set the work in context. The aims of the manuscript should be clearly stated.


Results : Should be presented in a logical sequence in sections.


Acknowledgments : The financial grants and funding, if any, may be acknowledged at the end of the contents before the references.

References : Bibliographic references in the text appear using square braces [] in superscript. References should be numbered consecutively as follows :

- Journal paper : [1] ALDEN,J.M. and SMITH R.(1992) : Rolling horizon procedures in nonhomogeneous Markov decision processes. Operations Research, 40, 183-194.

- Books : [3] BREIMAN, L., FRIEDMAN, J. H., OLSHEN, R. A. Y STONE, CH. J. (1984) : Classification and Regression Trees. Wadsworth, Belmont.

- Chapters in a Book : [2] ANDERSON, A. B., BASILEVSKY, A. and DEREK, P. J. (1983) : Missing data : a review of the literature. En : Rossi P.H., Wright J.D., Anderson A.B. Handbook of Survey Research, 123-129. Academic Press ,New York.

- Conferences : [2] GILES, R. C., BEZUIDENHOUT, C. N. and LYNE, P. W. L.(2005) : A simulation study on cane transport system improvements in the Sezela Mill area. South African Sugarcane Conference, Johanesburg.

- Citations to web pages : [10] DAVIS, R.E AND ELDER, K. (2002):Application of Classification and Regression Trees : Selection of Avalanche Activity Indices at Mammoth Mountain. Disponible en http://www.Avalanche.org. Consulted 15-1,2008.


Tables : Should be self-contained and complementand numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Each table should be presented with a comprehensive and concise legend above the table.


Figures : Only necessary illustrations should be included. Line drawings and photographs are classified as figures. They should be cited in consecutive order in the text. Line figures should be supplied as a Words-friendly computer graphics package and supplied as high resolution (at least 300 d.p.i.) electronic files. Digital images supplied only as low- resolution print-outs cannot be used


Proofs : Will be sent via e-mail and should be returned within 2 weeks of receipt. Alterations to the text and figures other than the essential correction of errors are unacceptable. The no receipt will considered as an acceptation of the galley proof.

LaTeX Style Sheets

articleio1.cls  (English)

apalikeio.bst (bibliography)