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References and Impact Factors

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This journal is refereed by :

Academic Search Premier, Current Index to Statistics, CUBACIENCIA, Directory of Open Access Journal s (DOAJ), DIALNET, EBSCO, Fuente Academica, Fuente Academica Premier, Institute for Information Resources, Index Copernicus, International Abstracts of Operations Research, International Impact Factor Services, Latindex, Mathematical Reviews, Mathematical Sci. Index, SCOPUS, Statistical Methods and Theory Abstracts, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, Zentralblatt fur Mathematik . Covered by selected Elsevier product(s) starting in 2012.

Impact indexes :

Citefactor Index : 4400

Institute for Information Resources : Global impact factor GIF : 1.009

Index Copernicus (2012) : ICV : 4,67

ICDS : 9.977

SJR : 0,121 (2015)

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